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Friday, February 25, 2005

Comcast has come out with their results and CMCSA and CMCSK have started surging - partly also due to the disclosure that Warren Buffet has doubled his stake in CMCSK - to 10 million shares (~320 mn USD). It is good times for Comcast.

Positives going for them
  • Their competitors are going in for huge investment when they have completed it.
  • SBC, Verizon will take quite some time - 4-5 yrs, several billion dollars and several fights before they have the infrastructure that Cable MSOs have
  • CableWorld magazine reports that higher speeds are possible on Cable without any change in infrastructure.
  • Verizon and SBC will have also the added pressures of the mergers with MCI (if it goes through) and AT&T resp.
Heartily recommend CMCSK and CMCSA to everyone.